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ANJET was established over 22 years ago, as an affiliate of the parent international association-federation international des journalists et ecrivians du tourism (FIJET), which is in harmony with the constitutive charter of UNESCO where it proposes, to contribute to the safeguarding of peace and security by‎ increasing cooperation among nations with the help of educating, science and culture etc. Members of ANJET are professional journalist with years of experience in the industry. We have 20 members representing different print and electronic media houses in Nigeria including DSTV. Also a member of FTAN.

Mission statement: to criticize as the case maybe, promote, entertain, educate and engage in agenda setting to put the drivers of the industry on the right track, on developing the tourism industry to it desire potentialities through publication of activities of the tourism and its allied sectors, players in the tourism industry etc.
Part of the role of ANJET is writing on topical issues that will grow the sector and criticizing individual, group, public and private stakeholder(s) who is dragging the image of the industry into mould. They are men and women conducting objective activities in the field of journalistic information and or constructive criticism, their production done on their own responsibility and with their signature-meaning encouragement for tourism. The activities must manifest itself in regular participation in a written (newspapers, publications and books), oral (radio and lectures) visual (TV, film, cinema and photography) form of expression.




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