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The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) has over 23 professional associations registered under it. Members of the association are practitioners from the Travel and Tours industry, Hospitality facilitators, Destination Managers, Tourism Consultants, Cultural festival promoters, Parks and Gardens Owners, Dance groups as well Youth Tourism Associations.

The Federation is headed by the National President and supported by other elected executives that include the Vice Presidents in charge of the 7 geo-political zones. The Governing Council is the highest decision making body of FTAN. The Presidents and Secretaries of all the associations under FTAN are members of the Governing Council.

The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) is administratively structured as follows:

a.    The General Assembly
b.    The Board of Trustees
c.    The Governing Council
d.    The National Executive Council (NEC)
e.    The National Working Committee (NWC)
f.     Geographic Zones
National Working Council (NWC):
For the dynamic, efficient and timely consideration and handling of issues relating to tourism profession, National Working Council exists for all aspects of FTAN activities
The Committees include:
a.    The committees include:
b.    Hospitality, Resort and Leisure Services
c.    Transportation, Tours and Travel Services
d.    Tourism Events and Marketing.
e.    Manpower Development, Legislation and Standards
f.     Tourism Facilities, Support and Allied Services
g.    Intergovernmental Relation
h.    Finance and Investment Services.
i.      Public Affairs.

Geographic Zones

The areas of operations of FTAN practitioners on a day to day basis are grouped into seven zones.

1.      SOUTH WEST ZONE -        

2.      SOUTH EAST ZONE -         

3.      SOUTH SOUTH ZONE -     

4.      NORTH EAST ZONE -        



7.      FED. CAP. TERRITORY (FCT) Abuja.

Each of these zones is headed by the Vice President and their State Cordinators.




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