1.      Hotel and personal Service Employers Association of Nigeria, (HOPESEA).

2.      Nigeria Association of Tour Operators, (NATOP).

3.      National Association of Nigeria Travel Agents, (NANTA).

4.      The Institute of Tourism Professionals, (ITP).

5.      Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of Nigeria, (HATMAN).

6.      Hotel Owners Forum Abuja, (HOFA).

7.      Association of Tourist Boat Operators and Water Transporters of Nigeria, (ATBOWATON).

8.      Association of Nigeria Tourism journalists and Writers of Tourism, (ANJET).

9.      Nigeria Hotel and Catering institute, (NHCI).

10.  Nigeria Auto Sport Association, (NASA).

11.  Touristry Consultant Forum, (TCF)

12.  The Artefacts Rescuer Association of Nigeria, (ARAN).

13.  Nigeria Hotel Association, (NHA).

14.  Association of Tourism Practitioners of Nigeria, (ATPN).

15.  Africa Travel Association, (ATA).

16.  Youth Tourism Development Organisation (YTDO).


18.  Dance Guide of Nigeria, (DGN).

19.  Airport Car Hire Association of Nigeria, (ACHAN).

20.    Hotel Car Hire Association of Nigeria, (HCHAN).

21.    The Society of Tourism Experts and Professionals, (STEP).

22.    Culture and Tourism Youth International, (CULTUOR).

23.    Association of Fast Food Confectioners of Nigeria, (AFFCON).