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About Us

The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) is the umbrella body that represents all the private sector in the Tourism industry  in Nigeria. The Federation was established in 1997 by the then Federal Ministry of Commerce and Tourism with a view to have easy liaison with the organized private sector in the Tourism and Culture sector in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To grow the domestic tourism market and to position Nigeria as the leading business tourist destination in West Africa.

Our Mission
To setup and execute a robust tourism business plan, based on the principles of sustainable tourism development, leading to more accessible tourist destinations, improvement of visitor facilities and establishment of amenities – unique to Nigeria – for tourists ‘enjoyment.


The Federation is headed by the National President and supported by other elected executives that include the Vice Presidents in charge of the 7 geo-political zones.

The Governing Council is the highest decision making body of FTAN. The Presidents and Secretaries of all the associations under FTAN are members of the Governing Council.

FTAN has over 23 professional associations registered under it. Members of the association are practitioners from the Travel and Tours industry, Hospitality facilitators, Destination Managers, Tourism Consultants, Cultural festival promoters, Parks and Gardens Owners, Dance groups as well Youth Tourism Associations.

FTAN office is strategically located at the heart of the Federal Capital Territory of the Nation. The office is at House 5, Lord Lugard Street, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria. FTAN operates a function website where all you need to know about tourism in Nigeria can be found. (www.ftansecretariat.org.ng).

The Federation, among other things, advises, consults and represents the private sector on government policies formulation and implementation; hence FTAN is the acknowledged representative of the private Tourism sector in Nigeria.


  1. Act as the apex body to provide leadership and direction for the private sector travel, hospitality and recreation Associations/businesses.
  2. Co-ordinate, promote and protect the interest of its members in the tourism sector of the nation’s economy and in particular the interests of its members.
  3. Liaise, interact and work in concert with the government (Federal, States, and Local Government Areas) and its agencies in order to guarantee the timely and effective development of tourism resources in Nigeria.
  4. Establish operating standards and ethics that will enhance credibility of the profession and encourage its acceptability.
  5. Promote domestic and international tourism activities within the Federal Republic of Nigeria in particular and the rest of the world, in general.